What's it about?

The Ad Personam Training is a Hands-on event, developed in one or more days according to individual needs, designed for vets who want to achieve very specific goals and consistently improving their skills and knowledge in a specific discipline.

You will have the opportunity to choose whether to take the event in One to One mode, which offers the opportunity to be the only participant directly followed by a speaker, or One to Two, in which is provided one speaker per two participants.

You will be able to personally choose the topics, in agreement with the speaker.
Everything is aimed at learning the technique with the possibility of going into details that rarely can be studied into depth.

UNISVET Ad Personam Training:
• It is customized according to the different needs and goals of each individual
• It is suitable for any level, from basic to advanced
• It guarantees constant monitoring and consequent modeling contents according to your needs
• It is tailor-made on the participant's level, pace of learning and personality
• It allows you to optimize performances, increase involvement and focus on your goals
• It is addressed to vets, veterinary structures that want to train their employees and companies interested in offering this particular type of training to their customers

UNISVET offers Ad Personam events in:
Cytology - Surgery - Ultrasound - Endoscopy - Ophthalmology - Orthopedics

Ask for your Ad Personam Training specifying the type of training, subject and topics that are intended to be studied
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