What do you need to know?
Events regulation
Can I come to the event with my dog?
If I work in the healthcare but I'm not a veterinarian, Can I participate in your events?
If I have paid for a event but for personal reasons I can no longer participate, is it possible a colleague attends in my place or to be refunded?
Is it possible to request changes to the program time table?
If I can't participate in the event I'm enrolled in, can I attend the lessons online?
Will extra expenses (e.g. plane and hotel) be refunded if the event is canceled?
Subscription, payment and billing
How much is the fee?
Where do I find the payment information?
Can I split the payment?
How do I change my receipt information?
Subscriptions of the event are limited. Is it possible to subscribe?
I subscribed to an event, I have not yet paid the fee and I would like to cancel my subscription. It's possible?
How do I subscribe to an event?
Can I gift an event?
Any student discount?
I would need a list of all the events I attended and the related certificates and receipts.
Why is my subscription not yet confirmed, even if I have already paid for it?
I haven't received any text message, am I subscribed?
I'm subscribed to an event but cannot find the program.
UNISVET subscription
I completed the UNISVET subscription form but I never received the activation email, how do I sign up?
How do I renew my annual membership?
How do I unsubscribe from UNISVET membership?
What can I do if I don't receive the calendar of events?
Do you provide me food if I am celiac/vegan/vegetarian?
What is the fastest way to get to your headquarters?
Where is the event venue?
How do I access my sponsor area?
Can I gift an event to a client of mine?
I'm a sponsor, where can I find the information for the shipment of the material?