Mona Boord
Dr. Mona Boord is a veterinarian with specialized training in the field of dermatology. She graduated from the University of California Davis. She attained Diplomate status in Veterinary Dermatology (ACVD) in 1997. She is an owner and on the board of director with the Animal Dermatology Clinics with the goal of improving the quality of life of her patients and their families by caring for and improving their skin conditions. Dr. Boord has multiple publications. She teaches dermatology as an Associate Professor at the Western University of Health Sciences, as a mentor of multiple residency programs for the American College of Veterinary Dermatology, as a national/international speaker and by mentoring visiting veterinarians from abroad. Outside of work, Dr. Boord enjoys competitive performance events with her own dogs including obedience, agility, herding, and tracking.