Lucia Ramera
Since 2000 she’s co-worker with Dr. Roberto Santilli for scientific papers, courses and the telemedicine service “”. Her works focused on junctional tachycardia, isorhythmic atrioventricular dissociation and R-peak time. Collaborator in the publication of the books “ Elettrocardiografia del cane e del gatto. Genesi e interpretazione del ritmo cardiaco”, 2009 and “ Manuale di cardiologia del cane e del gatto”, 2012 both editing by Elsevier, either of the DVDs “Elettrocardiografia del cane e del gatto”, 2014 ed. Boehringer Inghelheim. In 2019 she completed the “Certificato europeo di competenza in ecocardiografia veterinaria”. Actually she works like free-lance cardiologist.