Language of the lectures: English
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Language of the lectures: English
Evento valorizzato con 180 crediti SPC*

This Executive Master has been approved by the Nordic Eye Panel for the educational pre-requisites of Nordic Eye Panel aspirants. It has also received approval for the ECVO ESE educational pre-requisites.

Unisvet Executive Master in Veterinary Ophthalmology offers practitioners eager to improve their understanding of ophthalmic cases the skills necessary to interpret the findings of an ophthalmic exam and confidently make a list differential diagnosis. It also offers the knowledge base necessary to discuss with pet-owners further diagnostics and the possible treatment options, including referral, when appropriate.

The aim of this course is to offer you a wide overview that starts with the anatomy of the eye and expands to include the interpretation of a clinical presentation and a variety of available treatments of eye problems. The goal is to prepare you to confidently receive eye problems in primary care practice without anxiety or fear.

The course instructors are composed of internationally recognized experts in veterinary ophthalmology and related veterinary sciences. They have come together through the Executive Master’s program at Unisvet to offer a world-class experience.

The Executive Ophthalmology Master is composed of a thorough and intensive program divided into 6 modules, each lasting 1 week (5 days), spread over a 2-year period. The master is mainly theoretical with a focus on practical ophthalmology, and it has the added advantage that it offers hand-on training on selected aspects of the ophthalmic exam, microscopy of ocular diseases, and selected adnexal surgeries (e.g. selected eyelid surgeries, selected treatment of SCCEDs and enucleation surgery) with an entry level on corneal work for those with an interest in understanding certain aspects of microsurgery.

Module 1: 23-27 November 2020
Module 2: 8-12 March 2021
Module 3: 14-18 June 2021
Module 4: 20-24 September 2021
Module 5: 8-12 November 2021
Module 6: 14-18 March 2022

*In Conformità con il Regolamento FNOVI riguardante gli SPC (Sviluppo Professionale Continuo) Unisvet, essendo provider ECM e inserita dal Ministero della Salute pubblica nell'Elenco delle Società Scientifiche e associazioni tecnico-scientifiche delle professioni sanitarie, valorizzerà "EXECUTIVE MASTER IN VETERINARY OPHTHALMOLOGY" con 1 credito SPC per ogni 60 minuti di lezione.
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