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Privacy Policy for the processing of personal data. Pursuant to the law n. 675/96 of 31th December 1996. According to the regulations disclosed by the law 675/96 that concerns the safeguard of personal data, UNISVET states that:

1 Personal data, which will be given freely by filling the preliminary form, will be registered on electronic devices and processed confidentially by UNISVET for its institutional purposes, linked or instrumental to the activities of the same company and to draw your attention to the informative, advertising and promotional materials, or to the programs of the courses.

2 Pursuant to the art. 13 of the law, you can check, complete, modify or delete your data at any time and freely, or you can refuse to allow, in part or entirely, the data processing for the purposes above mentioned, by writing to:
UNISVET Unione Italiana Società Veterinarie - Via salvator Rosa 14 - 20156 Milan, or by sending a fax to 0299983065.

The certificate with ECM points can be issued only to registered veterinarians who attend 100% of the classes.